Hells up :) we meet again, great!

do you know balloon? ball-oon? stupid ball-_- *oon. Oh dont think about that.
to be as ballon was so great, fly away, free, udah gitu ringan lagi ga berat walaupun bentuk nya bulet.
apalagi kalau naik hot air balloon, satu hal yang ingin saya lakukan ya.......... TAKE A PICTURE.
fool act oh no

have you ever saw some hot air balloon fly away in the sky? lucky you. i havent-_-

Look at this pic, how wonderfull :o


do you know something? maybe if i was in that hot air balloon and cannot go back, i will say in my deepest heart like '
why do i feel this optimism? why is my head spinning around? will I ever finally figure out who i am, when i never came back?'

i didnt really understand why i write that quote, maybe i just need my own privacy and freedom.
do you feel strange when you read freedom word? if yes, me too

I believin something, i think no one can be uncheered with a balloon in his/her hand, agree?

well, i get my balloon, you? bytheway i promise i will never let my ballon go, never

And, one more. I want to tell something, please understand this quote

be sure. today may be your last.

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