Since That Day

Life is not always what we want to be.
We fight.
We cry.
And some times,
we give up.
But in our hearts, we know it's still love.

I want to laugh. Over anything. To this. To them. To.every.things. I'm standing on a line between giving up and seeing how much more I can take. I've been crying again these day, I don't mean to and I don't want to, but I've been crying again. I'm trying to think every things is going to be okay, even I know it won't. Where you go hey butterflies? you going away? or you just dead and disappear?
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA wrong person again? I supposed never giving any of *uck expectation, I supposed to know my limits, I supposed to don't even get jealous. I supposed to go with flow and stay happy. I wondering, if you cared, you would have bothered to talk to me. Obviously, you don't :-)
FUCKOFF PRETENDING. Stop to pretend pretending. How about we stop pretending and tell each other how we really feel? capek tau pura-pura terus. munafik. malah meres emosi dan menyisakan ampas belaka. Apakah itu tidak berarti pasti sengsara? Puurrfect, I'm tired of people.

Here, it's not always rainbows and butterflies. He may not see I'm hurt. He may not see my cries. but everytime he acts like he don't care, i die. He know how it hurts, so why he still doing this to me? I want kill him please:'( those random moods when you just wanna kill everyone for no reason. Akh cupid, have you ever felt heartbreak? Do you really understand? it kills. And what's worse? feeling like he don't miss me at all. It makes me cry when I realize that we will never be together.
And for that girl, little girl. SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL HER WHO THE EFF I IS. Jangan deket-deket!!!!!!!!!!!! Pergi jauh-jauh. Sama yang lain aja ya :-) To know, i like him more than a lot.

Kay, i've been so random you know. Take me somewhere and make me forget of everything. Everything good dies here, even the star and the sun. I feeling don't have any friends when I actually do. And, hi you, don't you know? You are somebody's reason to smile. Akh, i think i have destroyed my self. Coffe and cigarettes please.

"Well at least, he's still my friend........."

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