bonjour blogyyeah!

hey hey i have a good news for yoooou, I'm trying to be SLIM. is that good?
i dont know why i do this, maybe i think my body is to big and my weight is too over-_- oh i hate to say that. well, many peoples said if i have a slim body, all of the boys are waiting for me(?) thats weird enough. all this time, i never
disputed about my fat body. hey btw i think the word 'fat' is too cruel, dont you think the same with me? please say yes

ah im going to be mad with this. just back to the topic. so, to have a slim body, i try to have a jogging in the morning during my sucks holidays, not only jogging, i also play my skipping all the time if there is a spare time. hey not only that act, i also try to not eat rice for 1 week.
i got the idea for not eat rice for 1 week from my senior,
he said to me that I should do fitness every moment, he is crazy i think. maybe he want me to die yes to die

fyi, today is the first day i start my jogging time and also my first day to not eat rice, can I? yes i can yeah go go

hey look at this, i made it by myself

gif creator
Gif creator

you know? thats me, yeah when i played my skipping this morning, oh no i felt so tired until i want to dead. HAHA

yeah :D go go go you can rikk. meet you later babay

Its not how good you are, its how good you want to be