A couple

Bonjour blogueurs -_- yeah
hella we meet again yes

hey i have a story, 3 kind of story. its begins from mrs.rosi my teacher in lia tell us to make a story in pair. i make a story about hirdan and nanda, hear that, hirdan and nanda make a story about me and kresna-_- thats too bad

this is a photo of two
creatures that make a story about me

the boy who hold the book is nanda | and hirdan the other one

this is the the story, dont smile or laugh if you read this because its not funny

The ballerina

'yeah hirdan good job, you dance perfecly, youre ready for the show!' nanda says. hirdan is a ballerina, he wants to join the show and ofcourse he is ready for it. but in the following day when hirdan does his pratice in his hall with nanda, suddenly he has sprained leg. 'oh no thats too bad' nanda says. hirdan looks so down but his bestfriend nanda, always supports hirdan tries to practice again but hirdan still cant join the show. nanda says hirdan just can help to prepare the show, he cant dance and participate the show. finnaly, hirdan fails in the show but he succeds to help the show. hirdan and nanda always support each other and be the forever best friends, if nanda has a problem, hirdan will help nanda to solve the problem, so does nanda

Created by : me :D

A couple

once upon a time, live a girl named rika. she has crush on the prince named kresna. but rika is sad because kresna also has a girlfriend. rika is very sad. she asks nindy for help. nindy says 'if you love kresna, you will become a princess'. 'but he already has a girlfriend', rika replies. 'could i kill kresna's girlfriend?'nindy asks.'ofcourse, please kill her, nindy' rika says. then nindy kills kresna's girlfriend. but kresna is mad and he kills nindy. then rika is mad, she revenges to kresna because kresna kills nindy, rika's bestfriend. but then kresna starts to love rika. kresna says to rika that he loves her. but rika rejects.
Created by : nanda :D

A couple

once upon a time, live a girl named rika. she has crush on king's son or prince named kresna, but in the birthday party of kresna there is an engagement of kresna and princess of neighbour country. rika is crying heavily. one week later rika asks nindy to kill kresna's fian cee. rika says will give some money to nindy if she can kill her. in the night, nindy is trying to kill kresna's fian cee, but kresna knows it. and he kills nindy. show this, rika is mad to kresna because he kill her best friend. when rika is stress, she is slimer and whiter, make her beautiful. seeing this kresna starts to love rika, but rika doesnt love him again. she leaves him. and tries to love another man like Elyad the villager man.
Created by : hirdan :D

see? they so weird make a story like that. ah hope the story not happen to me and ofcourse not-_-


hey, look at this picture. idk why but i felt more calm if i saw this picture, maybe just my weird imagination, if you feel more calm too oh yes we have a same weird imagination

Everyone is a star and deserves the right to twinkle

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