Dear that one, let me tell you something.
She act like she don't care, but
deep inside, She hurts.
She's weak and she's tired of feeling like this.
She needs to move on with her life. She just don't know how to.
She too young to worry.
She use tears to reduce stress.
She holding on nothing & no one.
She loves him and likes you more than he and you would ever know.

So..where I am? oh, here. In the other problematic..
Honestly, lately i rarely cry...something that can be say unusual in my dailylist hehe. I more often just lie in bed and think endlessly. And...thinking of you.

"Somewhere between
our laughs, long talks,
stupid little fights, and all
our jokes, I feel in love..."

Thanks. You paint me a blue sky. You make this heart alive. You...turn on the off me; thanks.


Somewhile, the best way to stay close to someone
you love, is being just a friend.
Maybe one day
it will be ok again.
That's all I want.
I don't care
what it takes.
I just want to be
ok again.

"When I saw you I feel in love
and you smiled because you knew."

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