damn im in love with him!

Bounjor bloggie :p long time no see, yap im little bit busy. hhh busy-_- actually im little bit lazy.
oh please dont think about that, or it can make you crazy (?)

Once again, please dont ever think about that. And in this post i will be share with you about my emm boyfriend? no no of course no-_- its about TROYE SIVAN, yap he is 15years old and he lives in perth,australia. Actually he born in south africa HAAA waka waka-_-

Please look at his eyes, god im in heaven when i look at his eyes~

S-P-U-D !! do you know what is that? yap spud is the title of film that will be staring with my troye sivan. My troye will be named spud in this film. I swear!! i will wacth it.


Please tell me if you fallin in love with him.


See? handsome right? god fiuuh~ i want to have a guy like him.
One moooore!! this is his picture when he make up.

and please look him on youtube. god his voice, MAKE ME CRAZY-_- *lebay ya.


Hey, please watch his video. I swear!! He cute

waaaaaaps :') trust me i want to cry when my troyesivan sing at perth telethone.

See you soon bloggie :p

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