Espana ftw? yep!

say hey to you my visitors. ermmm i really really miss you.
em i want to post something in this blog but, i dont know what should i post.
so maybe, this post will be boring. yep so boring as like me.

First, i want to say congratulations for espana or spain who won the world cup 2010.
its the first time spain won the world cup but spain deserved to won the game.
spain played very awesome and hot. emm hot? maybe for the players.
so espana, PRESERVE!!


Samina mina ee waka waka ee. remember that song? ofcourse haha.
i think south africa is very great, cool and principal in bahasa you call it "modal".
yep, the fireworks was great, beautifull, awesome!! have a look.

-yep this is shakira, she's pretty but i amused with her muscles its creepy-


I told you this post will be so so so boring. Yep just enjoy the photo-_- have a deep look.


Sooo full of pictures huh? yep im so so so sorry. im not in the mood but i want to posting in this blog. emm actually there are some pictures again. Ofcourse espana. haha.
maybe i will show you in random pictures in my post.
Soooo, bye! have a great day. see you soon

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