New Life.

we meet again! yes. how's your day?i hope it great.
okay, i start from.............CONGRATULATION for me, im in senior high school now.
i want to say thanks and bye to 41 jhs that have made me like this. and, welcome 34 shs!
i know i dont really want to study in here but what can i do? i throwned from 28 shs and landed in 34 shs. i just can resignedly with this condition.
so, 34 shs i will try to like and love you. i promise. is that weird? yap im certainly weird. oh i fed up with this.

so new school mean new friends right? and new friends mean new life? hh i never be ready for this. sometimes i imagine how is my new life. emm 1 point that i know, i must wake up very early in the morning. goshhh i swear i dont know i can do that or no. i really really cannot wake up early. sucks! its because 34 shs-_- why your location is too far from my house? and the most sucks thing is, i must go to school by public transportation because NO ONE TOOK ME-_-


please let me show you my random picture. i know it mean nothing but i just want to share with you.

-gosh, i want the lollipop and the heart glass eyes. wanna buy one for me? please-

i know its nothing but its everything for me :') so visit my blog oftenly, i love you.

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