He makes my heart scream colors

I am annoyed with myself, im sucha bad blogger in this world. yes, i haven't posted anything lately. BIG SORRY :')

Want to know what i feel right now? all of my feelings jumble into one. I really tired and sick to being lonely. Thats all what i know.

I know I'm still too young to think and talk about this.
I just feel like, blank, empty, and nothing. I really miss my childhood, where all of the things like that, is not even crossed on my mind.


Lately, i always miss with someone who has coloring my life. He already has a girl and im alright.
Eventhough, i just met him a few days ago. its feel like he's very far away, too hard to reach.
One sentence, i will never ever be with him.
So what happen to my heart? pain-hurt-sick? dont ask, certainly yes yap collapse. but what can i do with this fucking condition? None!
Like many people said, 'I'm happy if he was happy'.
dammit! why i write about this. this not even important.
Well, forget and look down my ramdom pic.

See you lateeh xo!

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