Another Bad Day.

today shud' be my day, glx's day. it was already a bad start in the beggining. i found myself with a disappointed smile, uncertain feelings, tired, sleppy, and hurts. too much 'bad news'. everything spin around my head, really. it was getting worst until I decide to change my point-of-view and think for a moment. Yeah, i did too much. that's why i lose what i've, today. I know, God is reminding me. Reminding me, everything. everything that shudn't I do and did. everything that shud' be fix up. I am trying, to learn it, to understand it, to change it.
the rain is falling outside, the rain was decided to drops. i found myself Alone in here. No friends, no family, no him. I wonder, why. I get nobody but myself and God, the rest is gone..I think.
I got no words to say, apologize. whoever you are, wherever you are..I love you.

"I fvckin' hate today"

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