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17.4.2011 12.01AM

i miss him. As usual, so boring, not strange. Not him but the other Him.
hey, hey you, you, i like you, really. i won't be complaining 'bout this.
well, its little bit kinda hurts. i knew he didn't love me. when I admit it, i can't help myself. terrible. im trying, trying pretend nothin' happen&change. oh pls ''you can't just be friend. with the one you love...it hurts so much''. so much and too much. i know, i know, yeah i know what we shud' be. i didn't mean to fall in love. but i did. i did..
i'm mad at my self, really. not you. i'm mad for always being nice, always apologizing for things i didn't do, for making you my life, depending on you, wasting my time on you, thinkin' about you, forgivin' you, wishing of you, oh dreaming of you. i just can't make it right and work it out.
my false, i did, complaining.


M, i am writing this for you.
you are amazing. you really are. you shud' be happy. you are georgeous.
everytime i see you, all cool, calm and seems to perfect. i lose my breath. my heart starts pounding and I'm painfully realize that I am not over you and you over me. Oh whore, heart..why him? i think i really, really, really, love him.
some people called it miss on affection. oh did you mean? that stay up funkin night thinking about him? that everytime you see him at school it feels like your heart is coming out of your chest? that you always dream someday he will come for you...but deep inside you know he never will? that you cry everytime you remember how beautiful they were those days that you were together? oh yeah hm right, i miss him even i know he didn't, and he never will.

"3 palavras, 7 letras, 1 sentimento, EU TE AMO"

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