.....and i don't care we are not for each other,m.. because today i'm not trying to think that and i am truly happy. today is a good day. I've learned to live half alive. half. when we're together (re:friends) i forget the emptiness being me and remember how great it is to be alive...

Things To Do; FINISHED

What a day to be alive. I'm not doing shit today. Everything is going to be not alright, and is not today but eventually. All look really good today. from myX-1, my night, and you.
X-1, my class. They did great, and always do. They really make my day, they just very worthy to called as..friends. Yeah, they are.

ps: I hope we will always have this much fun

"We are young, we run free
stay up late, we don't sleep
got our friends, got the night
.....we'll be alright"<3

And, on the night, i listen to my favorite-nightmaker music for hours. such; Dear god; Crush; Right now; Fire burning; Mr.Brightside; You belong with me; Love drunk; One in million; Good girls go bad; Where is the love; To be with you; Another love song; and Karna ku suka dirimu.
Your songs, for you. hm, It's kind of sad how you still make my day. but this, happen for the first time here.
A day without any cruelthinking, cruelheart, musing, melancholicy, but happiness. Hmm but...things change, doesn't mean they get better. bcs they are not. and it's not today, not tomorrow, maybe soon.

"I wish happiness lasted, longer than it did"

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